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OK, it's the Big One OH! What does it matter?

The palefaces are doing all kinds of memorials and making a big deal of how many people died on 9/11/01.

They don't mention how many people die in the United States on a Normal Day. About 5,000. So yesterday 5,000 Americans died. And the day before that and the day before that. So on 9/11/01 8,000 people died in the US but we only hear about 3,000.

Since the 1970s about 40,000 Americans died EVERY YEAR because of automobile accidents. The Yanks don't get too excited about that. 9/11/01 is not important because 3,000 people died. Their deaths are only important because they are part of the propaganda campaign.

But are the Laws of Physics in Africa different from the Laws of Physics in the United States? How about Australia? Or South America? Or the Caribbean?

The issue of 9/11 is the PHYSICS!

How can airliners weighing less than 200 tons with 34 tons of jet fuel TOTALLY OBLITERATE skyscrapers 1360 feet tall and weighing more than 400,000 tons in LESS than TWO HOURS? Are Black people capable of comprehending Newtonian Physics? Do we need Whites to tell us what to think about everything? Are we supposed to be as DUMB as most White people?

The White physicists are not even telling the White people the weight of steel and weight of concrete that were on each and every level of the towers. Didn't the buildings have to hold themselves up? Every level had to be strong enough to support all of the weight above it. So the designers had to know how much steel to put on every level. So how is it that not only do the physicists not tell us but they don't even demand to know the information?

It would not be because they knew it was IMPOSSIBLE without even having detailed accurate data, now would it?

9/11 is the most hysterically funny travesty of science in human history. And from the nation that put men on the Moon. The Piltdown Man can't hold a candle to this. But most of the world is putting up with this crap. Will this go on for another decade? And another? And another?

But of course I must be a lone wacko for saying it is nonsense. But it is certainly curious that not a single engineering school in the world has built a physical model that can support itself and be completely collapsed by its top 15% by height and 15% or less by weight while crushing the supports in the process. The Laws of Physics do not give a damn what lies people tell. They can't LIE. They just ARE!


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I have to admit that I really don't like the "commercialization" of this event by all these news channels.    All week it's been NOTHING but "9/11" ... but after today ... they will all turn their attention/sensationalism to something else and, suddenly, this "BIG event" will be "out of sight, out of mind" .... like it never even happened.


How can you shift your focus (in 24 hours) from the worst terrorist attack in history .... to Michelle Bachmann ... being the most important news of the day?? 

>>>And why now, after all these years of NOT having all-day coverage/footage, etc., of 911?<<<


Are you guys serious?  I guess it's a NYC-area tri-state thing, because around here, 9/11 is always talked about, and frequently on people's mind.  It's interesting to get the sense from these comments that, outside of a certain radius of the WTC, people never really think about 9/11.  But from where I sit, it's natural and obvious that there would be a flood of media about 9/11 on the 10th anniversary of 9/11.  


We see that same phenomenon during round-number anniversaries of things like the MLK assassination.  But around here, it's never far from most people's mind...  


BTW, I love how, after ignoring all of the points raised in our big debate thread about this a few years back, my man Xum is still on the truther kick.  While I don't love intellectual dishonesty, one thing I have to admit I'm a fan of is consistency. 

Well, here in TX, last year, for 9/11 ... I don't remember ANY of these news stations doing a 24-hour, round-the-clock programming thing for it.  Or any year other than this year.  There wasn't all these interviews .... all these theories about what has happened since  ... no going into Iraq and Afghanistan and interviewing anybody who will get in front of a camera, getting other people's/religion's views of what's happened since then.


I mean ... I realize it's the 10th Anniversary (a milestone, of sorts!)  But honestly ... I remember that I didn't even realize it was the anniversary last year until that day!!    And I remember thinking ... "You'd think they'd make a bigger deal out of it than this!"  I think the most 'spectacular" thing I remember hearing about it was the 'fight' the media tried to brew between President Obama and Bush in the weeks before it .... 'cause Bush said he wasn't going to attend the (held every year) service at the Ground Zero site that year!!


I dunno ... Maybe because the Port of Houston wouldn't exactly qualify as a "threat to national security"  ... ... but, 9/11 is really only brought up or thought about around here on 9/11.  But I can only IMAGINE what it's like to live in such close proximity to where it actually happened.   I mean ... you probably HAVE to be on a heightened sense of alert ... and ponder every now and then if it could happen again!!


But the "hicks" here have been fighting AGAINST hi-speed rail for decades now we don't have a subway ... the oil boom went bust about the same time ago ... so there's no "big money" here anymore ... and it seems we like our Islamic and Muslim friends, because they are EVERYWHERE!!    So ... there's no need to blow up good ol' Houston!! 

To me this has to do with EDUCATION!


There is no Black Physics!  There is no White Physics!


If an airliner could not possible destroy those skyscrapers then why haven't Black Americans figured it out regardless of what the stupid White people believe?


The interesting thing is that Niel DeGrasse Tyson lived three blocks away on 9/11 and took videos of the event.  But he also came out with a book about Black Holes in 2007.  He is a famous science celebrity.  He is supposed to know something about gravity.


But I have NEVER heard him say anything one way or the other about whether or not a 150 ton airliner could totally destroy a skyscraper weighing 400,000 tons.  How do we talk to Black kids about science education if a high profile Black scientist won't talk about it?  And he was a witness.  But it might be bad for his celebrity scientist career if he doesn't say what the White power structure wants.


Is physics different in Africa?  NO!  It is the same all over the planet.  Everyone would have to come to the same conclusion if they understood the physics.  So why can't the nation that put men on the Moon tell everyone on the planet the tons of steel and tons of concrete that were on every level of the buildings?  This is Global Nonsense.  12 year olds all over the planet should be able to explain why airliners could not do that.


And then politicians have the nerve to talk about STEM, Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.


What a joke!



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