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70-Year-Old 'Black' Woman Discovers Both Of Her Birth Parents Were White

Posted: 06/24/2015 4:51 pm EDT Updated: 42 minutes ago

For 70 years, Verda Byrd thought she was an African American woman -- until she recently discovered that both of her birth parents were white.


Byrd, who was born as Jeanette Beagle, admits her story sounds strikingly similar to that of former NAACP leader Rachel Dolezal. However, Byrd acknowledged a clear distinction between her and Dolezal, who denounced her white heritage andpurposely decided to change her appearance to identify as black.


"She lied about her race,” Byrd told about Dolezal. "I didn't lie about my race because I didn't know.”


Byrd said she was adopted by black parents, Ray and Edwinna Wagner in Newton, Kansas, and that she has been seen and treated as a light-skinned black woman all of her life. However, during a search in 2013 for information on her biological parents, she found a document which revealed that she is the daughter of a white couple identified as Earl and Daisy Beagle.

verda byrd

Verda Byrd during an interview.

“I grew up never questioning birth or anything else because it was never told to me that I was born white,” she said.


Byrd explained to People how surrounded she was by black culture throughout her entire life. "My mother took me to a black hairdresser, and I grew up participating in Martin Luther King marches and eating soul food," she said. "My life was completely immersed in black culture, and why wouldn't it be? For all intents and purposes, I was black."


Byrd said she won't change her identity moving forward.


“I wouldn’t go back to my birth name if I had to,” she told KHOU. “Jeanette Beagle does not fit Verda Byrd.”

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I think what she discovered was that she was listed as "White" on her birth certificate.  


She looks bi-racial, not White [which is probably why she was put up for adoption, and why a Black family was allowed to adopt her in the first place].


I guess she won't really know unless she takes a DNA test.


I hate it when people don't tell the WHOLE truth.

  Nawl that's a sista.  I have relatives that look like her.  I think you're onto something sista Sunnubian.  Maybe she was mixed baby [what they called back then] born to a white woman and black man as why she was given up to black adoptive parents.  When have you ever heard of a black family adopting a white baby in the 1940s?  NEVER HAPPENED  They were lynching blacks big time during those days.    So.  DON'T BELIEVE HER!  You know I hate it when people try to jump on the wagon of sensationalism.  Which is what I think she did by proxy of Dorchel.  But!

She's Black and she knows it.


Her White mother probably got pregnant by a Black man back in the taboo days when she lied and told her racist White parents that she got pregnant by her White boyfriend knowing full well the father wasn't white, but Black and the very day she was born (mid wive(s) or local hospital) and after the total anger and shock of her father, mother and relatives wore off, she was immediately given away via adoption to her Black step parents.


When I was doing my family tree research several years ago, I found out that many birth certificates were incomplete and noted wrong because many black baby births during Jim Crow were done by Black mid wives who traveled throughout the neighborhood and not birthed in the local hospital.


Those mid wives, many who could barely read, write or count that well and were supposed to turn in all their birth records to the town court house, didn't keep good records and got paper work all mixed up, misspelled baby names on different paperwork among different families and also didn't check the correct boxes for race.


Also consider that the local racist Whites at the court house could give a good damn about the birth records of new born Black babies,


One of my aunts who was birthed by a mid wife that currently lives in Baltimore, MD, who needed her birth certificate for some reason and she had to travel back home to obtain it, found out her original birth certificate didn't have the actual date written on it when she was born.


The date of birth she always used was the written birth date that was written down in our family Bible for each family member birth that also includes a lock of your baby hair.


Also remember decades ago my aunts telling old stories when they were teenagers of young girls in the neighborhood getting pregnant, having babies out of wedlock and other older women of the neighborhood in their mid to late 20's, 30's and 40's wanting them (approval granted by the teenager's mother and father) to just give them their newborns to raise and call their very own because (1) husband died and lived alone (2) they could not have children and (2) because they though it would not be a real problem because the girl's family was already "too big."


Many of those women wanting other people's Black babies were the White women who were the granddaughters of their slave owning ancestors and that Black family (slave ancestors) who were all related due to slavery and who all lived only a few yards away or a few miles apart from each other.

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None of us really know anyone but these 500 year HATERS.  Some of their crap gots to rub off whether or not you're aware. America's our racist STEP PAPPY. A hell of a situation to be in, when you think about it. Get our butts beat, kicked, killed, stick around for more and more and more. I think that's called "6 Kinds of Fools".

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