1. Embrace You! You are who you are! Love you and claim you! Women love a confident man at her core. Take a deep breath, look in the mirror and tell yourself that you are amazing!


 2. Recalibrate your self awareness. If you know you have some nerdy tendencies that have alienated women in the past, get a dating coach to give you an objective perspective about  how you come across. A great one will work with your strengths and tweak your outer package.


3. Get sound feedback about how you look and dress. Let’s be honest about the fact that there are many cerebral types that are out of touch about their sense of fashion. For better or worse we are visual creatures and having a fashion foot in the 21st century will go a long ways with attracting the woman of your dreams.


4. Learn How To Approach Women-Remember men, it is your birthright to approach women. You must embrace this to its fullest and take the plunge as often as you are inspired. For example, every time you see a woman that you are attracted to find a way to walk up to her and ask her out. Easier said than done, I know. This will take practice, but start seeing yourself do this in your mind.


5. Remember the art of love is rooted in the law of averages. You must come to terms with the fact that persistence and repetition in the arena of dating is a must.


6. Listen and Ask appropriate questions. Most of us need to practice being good listeners and ask thoughtful questions that show her you are not self absorbed. If you can burn these tips into your brain, you will have more of a fair shot at getting a first and second date! To get more insights on how these tips may apply to you inquire at Karla@NineGPS.com for a private consultation. I wish you well! Stay optimistic!


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