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After your date has made all the right moves by inviting you out on a few proper dates it is time for you, as the woman, to step up and offer to plan a date. He will appreciate seeing you in your habitat and the energy you put fourth. While organizing the date you have the beautiful opportunity to quietly communicate to your date your level of taste. This can also be a great way to show him that you are very grounded and down to earth in a most creative way.


Around the world in a night
Pick an eclectic foreign film like Cinema Paradiso – Italian (1988) or Black Opheus – French (1959) and pair the movie with an Italian or French dish and a sexy regional red wine.


Vintage Americana
Suggest teaming up and cooking a classic filet migion with sauteed red potatoes & mushrooms. Find a romantic classic film like The Thomas Crown Affair – 1968 with Steve McQueen and Faye Dunaway. Watching this movie will surely bring the chemistry between you and your date to a nice simmer. Pair this movie with a California Cabernet or an off beat Arizona red.


If he is nauseated by light hearted, romantic films suggest The French Connection (1971). This will appeal to his intrinsic enjoyment of violence.


Music Anyone?
For couples that share the gift of playing a musical instrument sharing your musical talents over a glass of Bordeaux can be extremely fun and will illuminate interesting qualities about your date. If you are not in touch with your inner musician than create a playlist on your Iphone with your top 10 favorite songs.


Classic & Modern Games
There is something very charming and nostalgic about playing chess with the person you are dating. The idea here is to keep the pressure low but keep it fun and sexy. If you really want to appeal to his little boy suggest a joint game of Mine Craft or Wii Sports. Bowling anyone?


Wine or Microbrew Tasting
Presuming you have no idea what kind of wine or beer your date likes this is a great way to get to know your dates interest in, or lack there of, beer or wine. To take the right approach stop by your local Wholefoods Market and pick 4 or 5 brands of beer or wine. You both will come away from this experience with a more well rounded palette.


Show & Tell Time
Each of you bring something that is meaningful, fun and special to you. This could be a baby picture, self made art or a favorite book. The idea is for the item to reveal something interesting about who you are and where you have been in a fun way.


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