112-Year-Old's Secret To A Long Life Is Being A Decent Human Being

What an amazing belief to live by!

01/08/2016 03:08 pm ET | Updated 18 hours ago
    Kimberly YamAssociate Good News Editor, The Huffington Post



Longevity isn't just achieved by staying healthy, according to this supercentenarian.

P.J. Lott of Laurel, Mississippi, turned 112 years old this past Monday. Lott, who's a veteran, told WDAM that he credits something quite unexpected yet incredibly sweet for his long life: “treating folks right."

According to Lott's goddaughter Brenda Washington, the 112-year-old has held firm to this mission for quite some time. She explained to The Huffington Post that since Lott was young, he'd always lend others a helping hand -- especially those in need. 

"People used to come to him when they needed things. He would always tell them, 'If I can help you in any kind of way, I'd be glad to help you,'" Washington told HuffPost. "If you were hungry, he would feed you." 

Washington, who threw Lott a birthday party complete with cake, music and dancing, said that though he's not able to do as much as he used to, he continues to treat everyone with the utmost respect. 

In addition to being kind to others, Washington says that Lott keeps a healthy lifestyle and tries to stay active.

"He really loves to go fishing ... sitting outside on the porch to enjoy the air," she said. "He loves to talk and laugh and to ... be around people."

Sounds like being nice pays off in more ways than you'd expect! 

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