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Music and politics from Prince to King

1 Jesus

2 Martin Luther King

3 Malcolm X

4 Nelson Mandela

5 Muhammad Ali

6 Mary Seacole

7 Oprah Winfrey

8 Bob Marley

9 Marcus Garvey

10 The black inventors, including Garrett Morgan, George Washington Carver and Elijah Mccoy

11 Pele

12 Tupac

13 Michael Jackson

14 Louis Farrakhan

15 Bernie Grant

16 Mike Tyson

17 Steve Biko

18 Shaka Zulu

19 Tommie Smith and John Carlos

20 Jimmy Cliff

21 Haile Selassie

22 Kwame Nkrumah

23 Fela Kuti

24 The Black Panthers

25 James Brown
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26 Jimi Hendrix

27 Sojourner Truth

28 The Williams sisters (Venus and Serena)

29 Rosa Parks

30 Louis Armstrong

31 Maya Angelou

32 Michael Jordan

33 Nefertiti

34 Kunta Kinte

35 Michael Manley

36 Josephine Baker

37 Miles Davis

38 Angela Davis

39 Harriet Tubman

40 Daley Thompson

41 Jesse Owens

42 Stephen Lawrence

43 Chuck Berry

44 Shaft

45 Denzel Washington

46 Carl Lewis

47 Marvin Gaye

48 Sidney Poitier

49 Public Enemy

50 Aretha Franklin
51 Walter Sisulu

52 James Baldwin

53 Paul Robeson

54 John Barnes

55 Prince

56 Sammy Davis Junior

57 Richard Pryor

58 Jackson Five

59 Samuel L Jackson

60 OJ Simpson

61 Samuel Coleridge Taylor

62 Dennis Brown

63 Madame Walker

64 Soul II Soul

65 Jesse Jackson

66 James Meredith

67 Jackie Robinson

68 Don King

69 Naomi Campbell

70 Toussaint L'Ouverture

71 Paul Bogle

72 Viv Richards

73 Bruce Lee

74 Billie Holiday

75 Diana Ross
76 Spike Lee

77 Linton Kwesi Johnson

78 Oladuah Equiano

79 Derek Walcott

80 WE DuBois

81 Gary Sobers

82 Superfly

83 Biggie Smalls

84 John Coltrane

85 Sade

86 Reggae Boyz

87 Thierry Henry

88 Stevie Wonder

89 Little Richard

90 The Huxtables

91 Brenda Fassie

92 Rodney King

93 Flo Jo

94 Hector Petersen

95 Dr Mae Jemison

96 Halle Berry

97 Ian Wright

98 P Diddy

99 Grace Jones

100 Harlem Globetrotte
I saw that... (Bruce Lee - he was the man though when I was growing up!)

Maybe there's a better explanation with the link.
I just saw it on the and posted it without reading much of the attached article.

Just at a glance... I couldn't get a fix on how they came up with the list. But I thought it would be interesting...
I believe that George Washington Carver was the first Black Graduate of Iowa State University. (I'm not completely sure about him being the first, though.)

In fact, the Math Department, and my office, is in Carver Hall.---ricardomath

That is really worth noting. I knew he was an alumus, but I too don't know that he was first.

I recently found to my amazement that the Civil War had an African American war correspondent reporting on the battles leading to the taking Richmond, Virginia. AND... he was lawyer degreed by a law school in London.

He was also a general in the Louisiana Militia, and lots of other 'stuff.'

All this during the period 1830 to 1900!!!

His name was Thomas Morris Chester, Esq.

I don't know whether is was in my family tree or not.

There lots of folks out there.


Jim Chester
It was only reciently that I ran across a parenthetical comment about him, in the student paper, being the first Black person graduated, or perhaps the first admitted (although both are likely to be the same person, anyway).

My uncertainty is based on imagining how easy it might be for a student reporter, upon first learning that he was an ISU graduate, to simply assume that he was the first. My expectation of sloppy journalism in the ISU Daily is quite high, so that jumping to conclusions would not surprise me at all.

It does occure to me that there is a small statue of George Washington Carver in front of the building. If he was indeed the first, it ought to say so in the inscription. If I remember, I'll check it on my way out.
Originally posted by Oshun Auset:
Originally posted by AudioGuy:
Bruce Lee was one of the few martial artists who acknowledged that all forms of martial arts originated in Africa. Whether or not that's why he made the list... I don't know, but the fact remains...

Interesting...I din't know he acknowledged that...Now I like him even more.

Also, his first martial art student that he taught was a black man.
Originally posted by Huey:
Also, his first martial art student that he taught was a black man.
Originally posted by AudioGuy:

Was that Kareem?

First, thanks for the knowledge HUEY!

It was JESSE GLOVER - Interview

"Jesse Glover was Bruce Lee's first student and is considered by some as being Bruce Lee's greatest student. Although many years have passed since his days of training with Bruce Lee, Jesse is still regarded by many as being an extremely powerful authority in the field of modern martial arts..."

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