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1. Reopening a relationship with my 78 year old
aunt, who is a hoot!

2. Having an anonymous child wave and smile at

3. Getting compliments from total strangers

4. Seeing people who I attended high school
with, and whom were in the popular cliques,
attempt to speak to me now

5. A really good workout

6. Friday

7. Reading many of the greatly informative,
entertaining, and oftimes wildly
amusing/humorous commentary, diatribes and
wise posts of folk on

8. Completing a really good lecture

9. Seeing a really fine man...who catches me
looking, as I'm going, going, gone the
10.Ending unproductive relationships

11.A good plate of food,ie. Thai, sushi, soul,
Italian, Greek, etc.

People who open up to you
Women who smile at other women
Discovering someone with the same interests or sense of humour
Cooking a killer curry that everyone enjoys even though it is hotter than hell
The sight and scent of sweet peas and poppies
Freshly ground coffee beans
I really dig animals - especially birds
When a child really looks back into your face
Seeing someone special achieve something
Dancing with a whole crowd of people who are all digging the music
Really good live music
Seeing a piece of art
Drawing or painting your own
The beach - any day of the year
Peaceful early morning before the city wakes up/noise and colour of a city full of electricity before it goes to sleep
Having a parcel arrive in the mail

What makes me smile?

Watching little kids play, they're so happy.
Watching a really sappy movie like "Casablanca".
Reading my favorite book for the millionth time and still finding it interesting.
Cooking, if you can call it that, with my younger nieces and nephew.
Listening to my Aunt Pearl sing.
Playing tea party with my god sister.
Getting an A on an exam.
Getting flowers from my guy just because.
Getting a phone call from an old friend.
Calling my mother just to tell her "I love you."
Seeing my people get together without violence.

the list can go granny told me to avoid wrinkles in my forehead to smile. So I try to smile as much as I can...besides it takes a lot less energy then being upset.
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