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You can't become a citizen through birthright, marriage, or the current naturalization procedures.

The only way to become a citizen is by volunteering for military service and you get the full rights of a citizen only after you've been honorably discharged.

Not all military jobs involve fighting. You are assigned jobs according to intelligence and physical ability. Even someone with extremely low IQ and/or crippled can sign up, even though their job might be as a passive guinea pig for new military technology (germ warfare tech and other icky things) if they can't perform other jobs.

You might be in the infantry or as a cook.

You get what you get based on ability and need.

You choose whether you sign up for service or not.

You have no choice what you serve as.

You can suggest what you'd like to do, but there is nothing that binds the government to giving you that post.

You can resign at anytime once in, you just have to leave without the perks of citizenship once you do so.

There are no second chances once you give up.

Service is typically a little over two years, but can reach five. Blame stop loss.

Only citizens can vote, hold certain jobs, receive an US passport, become an elected official, and own a gun. You also need citizenship to receive Social Security, FAFSA, SSI, Welfare, or almost any other form of monies from the government.

Vets of the hypothesis get the veteran programs and stuff as the vets of real life. And more.

Only vets have the full protections and benefits that US citizenship currently grants everyone. But everyone in the hypothesis has the freedom of religion, press, and peaceful assembly.

Only civilians have less benefits than real life Americans have.

Civilians can't be forced to testify against himself in court, has the right to a speedy trial, is free from "cruel and unusual punishment" as the government defines such, but can't serve in the jury or be a judge.

Civilians must pay taxes even though they don't get as much out of it as a citizen.

This isn't a dangerous military state. America basically remains the same it is, except that civilians in the America of the hypothesis have to earn the rights currently granted through birthright and naturalization. As well as the right to arms.

(Yes, this is Starship Troopers inspired.)

Fight or not?

Would you become a citizen or stay civilian?

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