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What's your take?

A New Jersey state Assemblyman named Neil Cohen, a democrat, was busted yesterday when child pornography images were found on his state-issued computer.

I was talking about this with a colleague today. My angle is, if there were images on his PC and they were his, he is a sleazy dirtbag of the worst order. My colleague's angle was a little different: he said that if there were images on the guy's PC and they were his, he is an unbelievably stupid idiot for putting himself at risk of being caught.

I found it slightly disturbing that my colleague's point of emphasis was the assemblyman's carelessness as opposed to his evil twistedness. I should note that he never disagreed with the assessment that the guy is a lowlife if he's guilty, but this is how the interchange began:

Him: "I tell ya, I'm glad I'm not Neil Cohen!"
Me: "Well, I'm glad I'm not one of the children in the images they found."
Him: "That's a good point too."
And it continued from there as described above.
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