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The Poll (Please Vote)

It's time to poll members on questions of the day. Please vote! tfro

1. Who do you support for President of the United States?

2. Have you been personally effected by the sub-prime mortgage issue?

3. Who is most responsible for the financial crisis our country is in now?

4. With respect to the current economic situation, is the worst over or will things get even worse before they get better?

5. Has the over-all financial crisis affected you in any way?

6. How do you feel about politics in general?

7. If elected President, will Barack Obama have a meaningful impact on the lives of African Americans?

8. If Barack Obama is not elected President, what impact will that have on African America?

9. Is Barack Obama's political success reflective of larger progress for blacks in America?

10. Have you, in any way, contributed to the Obama campaign - either financially, with your time, or any other way?

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