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Poll: Social/Political Activism

Several recent discussions have gotten me to thinking about just how important/necessary being involved in solving our own problems is.

While on the one hand, it is my belief that we, as a people, as a community need to address many of the situations that affect us in unity with each other ... I also believe that we need to actively be a part of the national community as it regards the policies and political procedures that govern our everyday lives and the laws by which we are bound by living here in this country. Indeed we are just as woven into the fabric of America as anybody else ... and more than some in a lot of cases.

However, these discussions have also brought out what seems like a lack of being involved in our own lives and destiny ... of actively pursing solutions to help make us stronger and better, and an inactivity to make our leaders and representatives act in the best interest of our community or to provide equal access to what is supposed to be our right to "life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness."

So, I would like to ask everybody just how politically/social active you are or have been in the past and what are some of the things you're doing/have done to be actively involved in political or social issues. Smile

So my questions are .... have you ever:

Written to a Congressperson or the President of the United States?

Joined a march or demonstration?

Been a member or volunteered with a community-based organization?

Worked on/in a political campaign?

Passed out fliers/literature to promote a community or social cause?

Donated money to a community or political cause or organization?

Mentored to youth (in an official capacity) other than your children, of course!

Held a public office?

Been a part of or attended a community/neighborhood meeting, a city council meeting, or any other local, state or national meeting where policies were made?

Done anything else that would be considered "activism" on a social or political level?

(Please explain.)

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