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I feel that it does.

This Great Mystery of the cosmos, this Grand Arcanum/Ultimate Reality/Universe/Universal Equation/Universal Mind/Soul/Spirit/Life/Godhead that we call "God" (in Western society) is a vast and grand thing. Have any of you ever stopped and thought about how vast the Universe is? Just think about how large our own planet is! One person on the planet is comparing a grain of sand to an ocean, and our blue marble is just a grain of sand in the entire universe (think of how small that makes us!).

Yet, Fundamentalist/Evangelical/Born-Again/Charismatic (whatever they want to call themselves) Christians claim that "God" is cannot be expressed, revealed or understood outside of so-called "orthodox" Christian doctrine/dogma, and that "God" cannot be expressed, revealed or understood outside of the Bible or the personage of Jesus (personally, I consider "Christ" to be to Jesus as "Buddha" is to Siddhartha Gautama).

They dismiss other religions as "Satan's work", yet they claim their's is true. They claim their spiritual experiences are "of the Holy Spirit", yet they down the spiritual experiences of others as "illusions from Satan". They claim coincidences and inkblot prophecies ("inkblot" as in you can see whatever you want to see) in the Bible are "indications of its authenticity", but claim the same thing in other religious books are "mere conincidence" at best, and at worst, "deceptions of the Devil".

Many of these people rejoice the Virgin Birth of Christ, yet would scoff at the Virgin Birth of Buddha, claim that "Buddhists just copied" (even though the myths of Buddha well pre-dated Jesus myths), or claim, "It was Satan trying to confuse everyone".

So what are such people saying? Are they saying that in this great, grand Cosmos, that "God" can only be revealed in their beliefs, their own choice book, and through only 1 person?

That, my friends, is not a Universal God. That's a tribal lower-case god.

What do you think?

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