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Are you "Patriotic"?

Okay ... here's the definition from Merriam-Webster:


Main Entry:

: love for or devotion to one's country
... and for the sake of argument, we'll use that one.

There's been a lot of talk lately about what a great nation we've become with the election of President Obama ... the 'realization of the Dream' (which more or less lumps all Americans together), the greatness of the American people (and that includes us, too), and how more African Americans (for the first time) are feeling 'proud' of America and proud to be Americans.

It's coming from a variety of Black people, from all walks of life, and now, more than ever, whenever the words "all Americans" is uttered, it is insinuated to include 'us' in the definition. One nation.

Also, it seems that most immigrants have an almost automatic affinity to America and readily profess their love and appreciation for it as the great country that it is.

But ... would you define yourself as "patriotic"? Confused Has Obama's election created in you as an individual, a greater sense of national pride to country?

According to the definition above, are you "patriotic"?

Have you always felt this way, or has the election of President Obama made you change your way of thinking?

For those of you without 'that lovin' feeling' for America, do you see yourself ever getting to that point?

Is our inclusion as 'patriotic' Americans necessary in order for the "promise of America" to be fulfilled? (i.e., all that equality and justice for all/All men are created equal stuff).

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