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3/28/08: 20Q For You!!

OK members, it's time for another thought provoking, gut wrenching, mind bending version of . . . 20Q For You! daz

This is the time where your vote actually counts! The chance to tell the world what you really think and how you truly feel about matters both serious and trivial.


1. In your lifetime will you see an African American president of the United States of America?

2. Is global warming a real issue or is it all hype?

3. Do you feel sorry for Britney Spears?

4. Have you done your 'spring cleaning' yet?

5. In four years will there still be American troops in Iraq?

6. Did you vote in a presidential primary?

7. Do you own a digital camera?

8. Do you regularly use a land line as your "home phone number"?

9. Have you read/completed a book yet in 2008?

10. Have you ever had sex with someone you met on the internet?

11. Have you ever 'fallen in love' with someone you met on the internet?

12. Have you partaken of an illegal drug in 2008?

13. Are you better off financially now than you were this time last year?

14. Has the 'home mortgage crisis' effected you or anyone in your family?

15. Are you still friends with your most recent/last "Ex"?

16. In the US, people at the top 1% of income earn as much as the bottom 90% collectively. Is this fair/just/right?

17. Are HBCU's still relevant for African American youth?

18. Who will win the NBA Championship?

19. Do you personally know anyone who would characterize themselves as a "Black Republican"?

20. Are you over or under the age of 30?

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