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2004 B&B Show Presidential Poll

1. Are your registered to vote?
A. Yes
B. No

2. Do you plan to vote in the election on Tuesday?

A. Yes
B. No

3. Who are you voting for President of the United States?

A. George W. Bush
B. John Kerry
C. Ralph Nader
D. Other
E. Not sure yet

4. Which issue affects you the most when it comes to selecting a candidate for president?

A. The economy
B. National security
C. Healthcare
D. Education

5. How would you consider your knowledge of basic economics?

A. Extremely knowledgeable
B. Knowledgeable
C. Below average
D. Nonexistent

6. Do you believe that the minimum wage:

A. Should remain the same
B. Is not high enough, and should increase
C. Should not exist because that decision rests on the employer & employee

7. Tax cuts for taxpaying U.S. citizens:

A. Are necessary for TAXPAYERS, and should be based on the amount the taxpayer pays/should pay to the government
B. Are necessary to U.S. citizens that need the money most, regardless if they paid taxes or not
C. Are bad for the economy because it reduces government revenue and increases the federal deficit

8. How would you conisder your familiarity with the United States Constitution?

A. Extremely familiar
B. Familiar
C. Below average
D. Not familiar at all

9. What do you believe is the most important job of the president of the United States of America?

A. To protect the United States Constitution
B. To create jobs for US citizens
C. To provide healthcare for US citizens
D. To ensure a comfortable lifestyle for US citizens

10. The following is/are Constitutional rights:

A. To vote for the President
B. To keep & bear arms
C. Healthcare
D. To get married
E. Both A&B
F. All of the above

11. Social security reform:

A. Is not necessary, and no funds should be privatized
B. Is not necessary, because Social Security should not exist, thus leaving the responsibility to the citizens
C. Is necessary, however funds should remain under government control
D. Should consist of allowing a citizen to invest a portion of their funds in a private account if they wish to do so

12. What State are you in? (write your answer)

12. What state are you in?

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