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Game, Education, and what it means to be Free

TheKing_65 ·
(The below is a post that I shared on my blog that came from a forum that I’m a part of.) Let’s break it down from the beginning: You're born into this world knowing absolutely nothing as a baby; you're innocent and dependent on parents and the good will of other human beings to feed you and keep you alive. As you grow older, your mind is accumulating data, because by nature, growing up means that you become less dependent on others for your survival. This is very clear in children. Your...

Re: Never Forsake Yourself for Others

akusahajeu (Guest) ·
Democrats are preparing a mad-dash confirmation for President Joe Biden’s Supreme Court pick, fearful that with an evenly divided Senate, the door to act could close at any moment. Now, they just need Biden to do something he’s historically struggled with: move fast and send them a name. Just hours after the retirement announcement of Justice Stephen Breyer, the president was already facing increased pressure to get the gears of the nomination and confirmation processes moving. While Biden...