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Re: Winners and Losers

alex (Guest) ·
What exactly is often lacking in the tiring, long journey? True - the opportunity to watch your beloved television series or movie for free and in excellent quality. And here comes the Showbox app. Now you don't need to spend hours to surf the Internet in search of a suitable web site because you can simply download the app ShowBox on your Android device and enjoy the spectacle ShowBox for Windows What seriously draws in this application is design decisions. Only you download the Showbox -...
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Holiday Season's African's Perspective

sjaugu ·
Holiday Season's African's Perspective From eyes of Africans, today's world is a living legacy of western culture's dominance that is laden with misconceptions, distortions, along with misinterpretations. These holidays are from their point of view. Another spectrum, is global African communities (whom are descendants of slavery, as well as those born on the motherland) never investigate why they celebrate them. Only a few Africans research these traditions leaving an overwhelming majority...