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Re: Whoa: Did FDR Call It Or What?

Yemaya ·
While at the same time the FBI and J. Edgar Hoover were running amok destroying all non-white people in the country and interning Japanese from Canada to South America.

Whoa: Did FDR Call It Or What?

sunnubian ·
Whoa: Did FDR Call It Or What? Posted on July 7, 2011 by Alicia Share this now! FDR’s premonitions about the ways Republicans would treat Social Security, saving homes, and work for the unemployed are stunning and scary. Take a look: Found on TheGoodlucks’ YouTube Channel . Originally submitted by volunteer editor Laura S. Take Action! "Mitt Romney: Stop hiding. Release your tax returns back to 1999." A Swiss bank account. Offshore investments in the Cayman Islands. And now evidence that he...