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Reply to "You arrogant mutha-"

Originally posted by Black Viking:
Originally posted by Fabulous:
Hiya Black Viking Smile

Hiya Fab Smile

How ya been?


I've been just fine my brother -- miss ya though. Smile Hope you're still having a good time playing those "Internet games" you mentioned a while back.

Without a doubt -- YOU have been missed.

To clarify. . .

. . .I meant the above in comparison to Shango. Compared to "SHANGO" I would fair better with the likes of aryan.gentlefk -- who would probably tie my black butt to a truck and drag me to my death.

Of course I don't agree with the racist, but I understand that his hatred is rooted in racism & the myth of white superiority.

Shango -- I don't understand his hatred period, and I think he is just plain ol' MEAN & nasty -- A black devil of sorts.

Most likely he'll get back in life -- the same negative energy he puts out there [toward black ppl who don't share his views & black women in particular].

I understand exactly what you meant Fab. In reading this thread, there were many times when I considered commenting. But, I decided some weeks ago that I will not engage this man anymore on his terms. It was fun for a minute, but in retrospect I've noticed that lowering myself to his level exacts a spiritual cost that I am no longer willing to pay. Besides, you were doing such a great job that I scarcely needed to comment at all.

However, when it came to that bit that I quoted... I just couldn't help myself. Big Grin

Props Sister... fro

Hehehehehe. . .and in that LAST bit [truth be told] I was giving Shango way too much credit. LOL

But thanks for the props, my brother. kiss

You're right about the "spiritual cost" when lowering ones self to Shango's level. It's such a long stoop downward, there's understandably a price to pay. Smile

Ah well.

I'll soon ignore him completely, myself.Smile

Anyway, my dear brother, it's good to see ya. As always, I'm sending much love & positive vibrations your way ~~~~~~~~>>>>>>> hug