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Reply to "You arrogant mutha-"

Originally posted by Fabulous:
Hiya Black Viking Smile

Hiya Fab Smile

How ya been?

To clarify. . .

. . .I meant the above in comparison to Shango. Compared to "SHANGO" I would fair better with the likes of aryan.gentlefk -- who would probably tie my black butt to a truck and drag me to my death.

Of course I don't agree with the racist, but I understand that his hatred is rooted in racism & the myth of white superiority.

Shango -- I don't understand his hatred period, and I think he is just plain ol' MEAN & nasty -- A black devil of sorts.

Most likely he'll get back in life -- the same negative energy he puts out there [toward black ppl who don't share his views & black women in particular].

I understand exactly what you meant Fab. In reading this thread, there were many times when I considered commenting. But, I decided some weeks ago that I will not engage this man anymore on his terms. It was fun for a minute, but in retrospect I've noticed that lowering myself to his level exacts a spiritual cost that I am no longer willing to pay. Besides, you were doing such a great job that I scarcely needed to comment at all.

However, when it came to that bit that I quoted... I just couldn't help myself. Big Grin

Props Sister... fro