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Reply to "You arrogant mutha-"

Originally posted by Shango67:
gave the brotha a "sista hug" when he was feelin' down, and he STILL threw a little haterade my way.

Damn Fab...

give shit a rest. How often do you need to refer to that exchange.

Get a grip

Damn, you act as if you can tell me what to do.

I'll refer to that exchange as OFTEN as I choose to. Smile Whatcha gon do, you MEAN ASS MUTHA FOCKER? Sue me?

Get a grip?

YOU first, meanie.

YOU are a very mean person, and I'm glad I can skip by the likes of you, without allowing your hatred & anger to linger in my space.

Mean! ya just plain MEAN.

BTW. . .I'm not gonna go back & forth with you over your petty bullshyt--you can argue with yourself--BY yourself..