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Reply to "You arrogant mutha-"

Originally posted by Kweli4Real:
Seems to this Black man that it's true ... men speak Martian and women speak Veniusian - your definition of Friend differs greatly from his. For you, friendship entails some level of commitment; whereas, he sees friendship as ... well ... friendship, i.e., kick it, hang-out, do for one another; but free to kick it, hang-out, and frankly, sleep with others.

I guess you caught feelings, Huh? ther

Ahhhhhh!!!! Yes, I am screaming right now! I said NOTHING about commitment. NOTHING about feelings. I "care" about any of my FRIENDS-whether I act like it or not.

As I said, I valued the FRIENDSHIP. I was disappointed and upset not by his choice to deal with someone else but by his underhanded approach. Hell, if she is your first choice for outings, take your black a** over her house and chill on a daily basis!

A little background-This man asked me REPEATEDLY if I was involved with anyone else. (Does that sound like a question from a friend to you?) So, I, in turn, asked him the same thing. His answer was NO. Why lie? Better yet, why lie after YOU kept bringing up the subject?! Anyway, I wasn't upset about the fact that he was at the event with someone else or that he was involved with someone else. We both agreed from the start that we were not looking for that type of relationship. My problem was the way he handled it. The night before the event, I said to him "you know, it kind of bothered me that you didn't invite me." He says "I'm sorry if that hurt your feelings....." Now, I was going to be there ANYWAY and he knew this. (The person who introduced us had already invited me. I just felt the invitation should have come from my FRIEND who had been at my dinner table and in my bed all damn week!) So, why not say "Shema, you know, I didn't invite you b/c I invited someone else" rather than let me walk up on you and feel surprised and stupid?! Some FRIEND!!

And THEN to get arrogant and pissy when I confront you??? SMGDH Mad