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You arrogant mutha-

You arrogant mutha.....!

And you know who you are!

Since you say that I don't EXPRESS, let me just take this opportunity to EXPLODE!

Question-OR TWO?? Was I wrong because I thought you had good intentions? You? A so-called man of his word? So, what if I was ok with the friendship but not willing to be ok with being friends-with-benefits? So, then what do you decide to do? You decide to spend as much time as you can with me-calling or texting me to see what I was doing after work. Or what I was cooking. Or if I was lonely and wanted company.

And ME being the naive b**** that I am...I let you come by, cooked for you on SEVERAL occasions, and when you pulled your muscle in PT, my black a** gave you a full body massage.......all because I had good intentions. All because I began to value the friendship! And what do you say after I find that the reason you did NOT invite me to the event on Sunday is because you had invited SOMEONE ELSE who you frequently referred to as "baby" as I watched you from afar? You say "We (me and you) are not on that level."

What f***in level?? Oh, you mean the level where I don't do s*** for you? Or the level where I don't let you fall asleep at my house? Or the level where you didn't spend every night but ONE last week in my bed?

Am I at a reduced level because there was no sex?

Because the fact is that I did the things that you liked. I catered to you AS A FRIEND. Which is what you said you wanted! Dayum! WTF???!!!!!
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