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Reply to "Yet, Another GOP Pet Negro"

Originally Posted by sunnubian:




So, please list all of the things that President Obama should have did for African Americans.


Then list all the ways that President Obama has hurt African Americans.


Then state who Black people should vote for in this country.


Then state what exactly it is that African Americans/African American Voters, should be doing in the American political theater, short of going on some militaristic suicide mission.


And hating on African Americans because the majority of us refuse to be the ventriloquist dummies with republicans' fists shoved up our ass like the "Raynard Jacksons" of America, in no way means that "African Americans don't have the capacity to govern anything because the constituency have no standards, no political power, no economic power, no organization and no independent political ideology".




First of all, I never suggested African Americans should be Republicans, as I stated I hate both parties because they are both Neo-Liberal with policies that will destroy African people worldwide and I consider African Americans in both parties and supporters of both parties ventriloquist dummies with White fists shoved up their asses.


What Barack Obama should have done for African Americans, I'll keep it to three die hard immediate African American issues, that would've pushed African American politics forward.


1. Use his influence to pressure cities to address the problem of gentrification aka Whitening of our neighborhoods. A people cannot survive when they are constantly moved around.  We are constantly moving state to state, city to city, neighborhood to neighborhood.  The Native Americans did the same thing and look where they are. 


2. Use his influence to highlight structural African American employment and solutions to change it. Not some ambiguous "jobs program". 


3. Use his influence to find solutions to the HBCU lack of funding and to prevent HBCUs from shutting down. HBCUs are vital to educating our people, and it's mostly African American only, which is vital for creating a political, economic and cultural body that is strong. We need our own institutions, schools are very important. 


What party African Americans should vote for? Democrat, because they are more friendly to Black interests because they seek a European led, multicultural, multi-ethnic state because they need underclasses labor inside their state.  Can't have that when you have conservatives that are opposed to non-Europeans because the Conservatives represent the middle class to low class European American economic, cultural and social interests that keeps getting trampled by the Europeans that support a multicultural, multi-ethnic state full of non Europeans doing cheap service work supporting, the top European brass and their corporations.  So we'll use the Democratic Party, while realizing they are our enemy because they wish to keep us a subservient bottom feeder, serving the European elite. 


Under one condition we should vote Democrat, African Americans are an organize independent political body, with an independent singular political agenda, that is independent of outside influence, with an independent political ideology that is independent of outside influence. Outside influences would be non-African descent. 


We should vote for policies, not candidates, not on emotions or feelings. We are voting for pragmatic policies that would assist us on our ultimate goals which is to acquire power, wealth, resources and influence so we can defend ourselves against our enemies and attack our enemies and to build a sphere of influence in the USA and ultimately build an integrated Pan African sphere of influence. Our goal is getting a seat at the table, to determine our own destiny. We should support policies that we come up with ourselves, that are Black specific and leave us with autonomy, not entrenched in the disgusting neo-liberal system. 


Unfortunately, America has a 2 Party System, so we couldn't create a party, but we can create think tanks, advocacy groups, that are connected to each other with a united interest of empowering African Americans yet connected to the ground, where the our people are, that will address the needs of our people and will tell politicians what we need and want to survive and thrive in the USA. NAACP and Urban League doesn't count, they are not African American only and they support Neo-Liberalism.


This is the only way we can justify voting for one party at the rate that we do. 


Overall, we need to build a counter republic in the USA. Our own informal political system, our own economy and economic institutions, our own cultural institutions. We need to pick up the project the Black Panthers started in the 1960s, we should be smarter now and able to get it done. It's imperative going into future and neo-liberalism is stronger than ever and getting more sophisticated in it's racism against African people in the New World. 

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