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Reply to "Yet, Another GOP Pet Negro"

Originally Posted by sunnubian:

I'm not apologizing for President Obama, in fact, I have my own problems with him, but ignoring the fact that a United States President does not have dictator powers vested in him by the United States Constitution, therefore, has to have Congress actually vote in any of his policies, plans and ideas, still does not make Congressional blocking, evading, lying and indifference to the Will of the People and the best interests of the American people, the American workforce and American production, President Obama's fault.  


You are apologizing for Barack Obama. I don't give a damn about the American people, the USA, the USA Constitution. I give a damn about Black people. The rest of the world can be poor while we are wealthy and powerful and I'll sleep at night. 






The half assed my Brother's Keeper initiative for Latinos and African Americans, which he clearly pointed out, "It's not another government program."


So, the republican party gained prominence in the political theater in this country by using blatantly racist propaganda ads, commercials, rhetoric, policies, and laws, and by demonizing the entire Black race in America, and you can't see a difference between republicans and democrats?  Hell, most of today's republicans in office from Washington to all across this country, probably still have their Klan suits hanging in their closets.  Republicans have campaigned for decades on the false rhetoric of making Black people the poster child for Welfare, Crime, Immorality, being intellectually unevolved, genetically prone to violence and crime, all of America's drug addicts and all of America's drug dealers; they have consistently been trying to dismantle each and every Civil Rights gain achieved in this country, including Voting Rights, and have constantly run racist political campaigns designed to place the blame for everything wrong in this country or their state or their district or their city, on Black people.  And you can't see a difference in republicans and democrats?  Wow.  


 Last time I checked both are ran by Europeans and I am opposed to all institutions ran by Europeans. Last time I checked, both don't do anything for Black people. Last time I checked, both are worthless and unprogressive for African Americans.


I call the Democratic Party the Democratic Plantation Party. 


Have Black people heard of benign neglect?


I already explained the function the Democratic Party, they are the sponge that absorb political energy of the opposers of European American dominance to prevent an uprising. They are appeasers. They are pacifiers. They are agents of racism, they are just nice about it. They are no different than the Brazillian political party that like to brag about a racial democracy.


So no, for somebody like me, who refuse to choose between the "lesser evil" and the ultimate evil, who don't believe in begging White people to be nice, or reform, and want White people out of the way, not to harmonize, integrate or kumbaya with them, I hate the Democratic Party and the Republican Party.


The Democratic Party to me, is just an entity to contract to get things done FOR NOW or to infiltrate and take over to use for Black interests. I hate the Democratic Party, it's repulsive, it's neo-liberal and I am not a subscriber to that ideology because it is decadent, dangerous and ineffective for Black people. 



Wow.  It's not that simple.  African American are not "sheep", nor are they "cheap whores" when it comes to politics and/or voting in America.  If that were the case, African Americans would vote for anyone Black, no matter what their qualifications were or what they stood for or how bad of a choice it may be [like how republican voters vote for republicans].  President Obama is not the first Black person in this country to run for president, and Black people did not come out in droves to vote for any that came before him.


It does matter who is in Congress because it is Congress, not a President, is who actually has the authority and power to vote in or out bills, legislation, laws and policy.  It doesn't matter how many or what kind of Proposals a sitting president presents to Congress, if Congress refuses to vote on it or pass it, or if there are not enough members in Congress on the president's side to begin with, it won't get passed.      


 Um...African Americans do vote for anybody that is Black and Democrat, see the White politician from Houston who duped African Americans into voting for him by pretending to be African American. 


Only reason we voted for Obama because he the only one out of the two that ran as socialists and the Jesse Jackson. There's no point on voting on a loser. 


What has African Americans stood on, Affirmative Action that doesn't work, basic welfare and uh...that's about it. Have African Americans asked for group rights,no. Laws to prevent Whitening aka gentrification, no. Extensive school reform, no. Extensive prison reform, no. Economic empowerment by access to capital, no.




Again, you need to stop thinking of an American president as a Dictator, where all authority and power is vested in him and his word alone.  The biggest mistake Black Voters made was believing like you are believing, that an American President can do all things regardless of Congress, State Governors, State Legislatures and Local government,  So, African Americans came out in droves to vote in the presidential election, but made the dire mistake of NOT coming out in droves to vote in Congressional, State and local elections, and here we are. with a president of our choosing, that has been nullified by a predominately republican and predominately racist Congress [and Supreme Court] and State governors, and state legislatures and local governments.    


I never said I wanted Obama to be a dictator. I said he does nothing for African Americans, nor tries to do anything and African Americans demand nothing of him, because he's Black and just him being Black is good enough, like Jay Z said. 


He does nothing to push African American politics forward, but he has pushed other groups forward like Latinos and Gays. African Americans are nothing but votes. There's no power behind our vote. And people like you, will say, "Well it's the lesser evil and he isn't a dictator, the Congress, blah blah blah is racist blah blah blah typical American liberal/Democrat apologetics aimed at realistic Black people" and try to stomp out people like me, that says, "You can do better and seize power for yourself, you don't have to take the scrapes or be ignored or get 'colorblind' treatment."


Gay people and Latinos have power behind their vote, you don't do anything for them, you might not be in office next year. 


For one thing, most African American voters know that President Obama is president of America and not just president of African America.  President Obama proposed a jobs bill that would have created millions of jobs in this county, something that would have helped African Americans tremendously, but it was voted against by a predominately republican and predominately racist Congress.  President Obama proposed the revitalization of America's 50+ year old infrastructure, which would have created millions of jobs, made the country safer where roads, bridges, and natural disasters were concerned, and again, that was blocked/struck down by this same Congress.  


Um, that's nothing Black specific. Which is my point. Obama has passed and supported, Gay and Latino laws, no Black ones because well, first there aren't any serious Black laws and Democrats for sure aren't gonna make any because they don't have to in order to get Black votes therefore they can focus on smart groups that demand action and Blacks aren't gonna demand Black legislation because we aren't organized and we don't care because Democrat automatically means "Good for African Americans".


 Only thing Obama did for Blacks is tweaking mandatory mins. Obama has hurt African American education with his total disregard for HBCUs and cutting their funding and enrollment by changing the criteria of the Parent Plus Loan.



So, what, are we supposed to rally against what he can do or was able to accomplish just because it does not benefit us directly, and because Congress has rejected, voted against or blocked any of his proposals that would have benefited African Americans?


Um, yeah that's how identity politics work. Do Gays give a damn about what happens to African Americans, no. Do Latinos give a damn about what happens to African Americans, no. Do Asians give a damn about what happens to African Americans, no. Do European Americans give a damn about what happens to African Americans, no. Do feminists give a damn about what happens to men, no.


Everybody is self interested and would rather get everything and while everybody else gets nothing. 


Asians matter of fact, vote majority Democrat and are trying to repeal a Democratic staple in Affirmative Action because it doesn't benefit them.

That's pretty damn intelligent, would Black people rebel against immigration reform that would import millions of Latinos that already have squeezed us out of California, no, because we dumb like that.  But Asians have no problem with realizing that it's Them vs. Everybody Else, Black people don't, that's why we'll support immigration reform and get nothing out of it. That's why we happily sit around watching everybody ask for favors and we ask for nothing. 


Yeah, it has been republicans that have voted in all the loopholes [and refused to close them up] in America's gun laws that allow people to buy [legally] truck or trunk loads of guns and make a bee-line to immature teenagers and young males in predominately Black communities.  


That's not the point, the point is, Barack and the Democratic Party doesn't care about African Americans. 


Trayvon gets gunned down, Jordan Davis gets gunned down, that kid in Wisconsin gets gunned down, Chicago got some the strictest gun laws and it's a hellhole...some White kids die in an one off incident and he's crying over some White kids, begging for laws, while we been dying and starving while he's in office?


Well, since the majority of African Americans work and are not on welfare and/or food stamps as Republican Political Propaganda has always led people to believe, I'm sure that African Americans are not interested in any candidate where "food stamps and welfare checks are provided and occasionally reparations" is his/her only or main platform.  


LOL, are you kidding me, yes African Americans do support candidates that really have nothing to offer us besides welfare, affirmative action, and occasionally reparations - we vote 90 plus percent Democrat and got nothing to show for it. 


And please, we are the poorest group in America outside of Native Americans, with the highest percentage of single mothers, an unemployment rate twice of European Americans that is structural, that welfare is vital for us as a people. 


Jews got crap load to show for voting Democrat and being in the Democratic Party, Black people on the other hand have a pathetic track record.


Any White man or Black man or Blue man elected President of the United States of America that does not have a Congress favorable to his proposals, plans and policies will be in the same position President Obama is in.  


Um no, because Obama got a lot done for Gays and Latinos given the circumstances, nothing for Black people. He sure used the bully pulpit for them and it got things done.



Detroit has been fighting off bankruptcy for decades, since industry left that city and moved to the suburbs and to other states. Its a miracle that this bankruptcy forced down Detroit's throat by outside politicians, did not happen decades ago.  After Katrina, it's a mirical that New Orleans is still standing at all, and even the fact that it still is, is due more to the efforts private citizens and individuals and organizations bent on saving the city, more so than supposed efforts by our government.  And Atlanta going bankrupt is something I've never heard of.  But there are many cities across this country that are going bankrupt or have already gone bankrupt, but America's racist propaganda machine continues to delude people by keeping the focus only on Detroit's bankruptcy.  


I didn't say Atlanta was bankrupt, it's corrupt and I was referring to Kwame Kilpatrick (who certainty didn't help Detroit at all) and Ray Nagin and the Atlanta Public Schools System cheating scandal, which shows the incompetence of African Americans as a political body.


Point is, African Americans don't have the capacity to govern anything because the constituency have no standards, no political power, no economic power, no organization and no independent political ideology. 


The Dream Act was passed, which did not include every person in this country illegally to begin with.  They knew that from the start, and we ain't mad at them because they are doing whatever they feel they need to do to be able to stay in this country, not get deported or hopefully get more legislation passed in their favor.  


 That's not the point, the point is, they aren't dumb enough like Black people, to vote for a guy and don't get what they want and do nothing about it. Black people been voting Democrat since FDR, all it took was 30 years and suddenly we vote Democrat every single time, no matter what happens and who is running.



Considering how American government works [not how we want it to work], how legislation is made, how bills and policy become law, and how all of that is dictated by the United States Constitution, not a United States President, that statement is just ridiculous.  


 Wait, so you just wailed about how the Republicans can run around, exercising actual power to achieve their goals and you talk about my statement is ridiculous. 


This is why I said the mind-state African Americans have towards the Democratic Party, Barack Obama and the Republican Party, indicates to me, that African Americans believe power is just for White people. That we have the same mentality for the Democratic Party and Barack we do for Jesus, where we defer the responsibility for our well-being to some other power that is non-existent while believing the opposition is beyond our capabilities to deter.


This is life or death. There is no understanding the constraints, I really don't care about the constraints, I want it done any means necessary. That means if we have to use pressure politics and ruin some careers like Gays do, we'll do that. If that means we gonna have be like Asians and throw other groups under the boss, we'll do that.  If we have to be clannish, clandestine and conspire like Jews, we'll do that.


It should be alarming that African Americans vote 80 to 90 plus percent for the Democratic Party for decades and then apologize for the failures of the Democratic Party and Barack Obama to address the plights of the African American community. Voting 80 to 90 plus percent for one party, means you have no other options, that means you should be the most critical, the most cutthroat, the most political, most vocal and most adamant that something gets done for you because otherwise you will have 0 political power. 


What are we gonna bargain with or have leverage with? Seriously, what power Black people have with a 80 to 90 plus percentage of our votes going to one party, a Modern American Liberal political ideology, and an apologist attitude for all things liberal and Democratic Party.  We are brought and far as I concerned, an accessory to European Supremacy, which means we are an accessory to our own subjugation. 


African Americans should run the Democratic Party with the way we vote for it. The nickname for it should be the damn Black Cartel.  People should feel about us like they feel about the Jews in Hollywood and on Wall Street.


"Black people run everything in Washington, look at how they get everything."


Black people are too scared of power like that because we would have to forsake European American liberals and spurn their affection. We would have to get our hands dirty. We couldn't be so dewy eyed.


Therefore we don't run the Democratic Party and there is no Black Cartel. We are passive participants in the Party and nothing but a bunch of stooges for White liberals and the constituency isn't organized, nor have a viable ideology for Black Power and doesn't demand anything.











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