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Originally posted by qty226:
After reading Gambits threads, and the responses.......i sat and did some soul searching. Although im not gay/bi by any means.......i am starting to become disinterested in men.

If i meet someone nice, im always on edge.....'knowing' hes going to disappoint me, so i walk.

I guess im learning through 'others' experiences.

Are there any happy relationships out here, anymore...? Frown

I hear you 'qty226',

Except, I've not grown disinterested in men, but super suspicious of them when they approach me. I've met a few this year, who were of foreign birth, who 'asked my hand in marrige', [warning! green card alert]; and, I've met some who stated that they were single, only to find out that they were 'separated' and having problems, please do'nt make me, 'go between lady'. Roll Eyes

Anyway, I read in another post on this topic, that stated that women have 'a list'; well, I have critera, (same as list?), which generally includes, but is not limited to, gainfully employed, no prison record, teeth, or at least teeth in mouth, even if removable, and I despise 'shuck n' jive' talkers, men who use 'baby baby' slang, when they first meet me, high school or G.E.D., some college, of course the more the better, a sense of spirtuality, a thirst for knowledge, adventurous (I should post this in the singles on-line, lol!)and a relationship, if possible with his family. When more than 2 or 3 of these are missing, I get anxious. However, the pickings, are a bit slim in my city, so, I have amended these criteria/list; for example, I met a man a few days ago, who was hitting on me, hard with the 'aw baby you so pretty, you smell good' type of pick-up, but I said, let's try something new here, and I exchanged numbers with him, and am preparing to see him this weekend. We talked, and he is not gainfully employed, ok, let's see, he does'nt have a car; oh brother td6. Now what.

I have another 'friend' who is non-African American, and he has 'D', all of the above. But, I'm suspicious of him because, he is already trying to make me over, 'suggesting' what should wear, and we are not even an official couple/or regularly dating Roll Eyes

But, I do like him, but like many, I have gotten comfortable with hit and run relationships. Not disinterested, but looking at 'men folk', with squinty eye.