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Reply to "Wow........"

Originally posted by HonestBrother:
Don't mean to offend ... but it is soooooo pathetic ... the ones going "I don't need a man .... I already know the man who treats me right ... Jesus."

Soon as I hear that (speaking as a man) I go in the opposite direction.

God was not intended to function as a substitute for a human relationship. And when I hear that type of talk I can't help but to think that this is a mentality that has bought in to the hype and has capitulated to the destruction of the black man.

It reminds me of European aristocrats who when they couldn't marry off their daughters sent them off to convents (to marry god as it were)... and what I see happening among single black church going women is the normalization of this "approach" ...

It's the worst thing you can do because the other behaviors are merely self-defeating ... this is the one thing that's indicative of a serious underlying neurosis ...

Don't get me wrong. There's nothing per se wrong with being involved in a church or becoming more spiritual ... I just think that a lot of people (and churches) these days have a warped sense of "spirituality" ...

I really didn't want to get involved in this particular aspect of the conversation, HoBro, but you have forced my hand.

You will not ever hear me (or the 'crew' that i hang around) say that we don't need a man-because that is a flat out lie.

What we will say is that the Lord is the supplier of all of our needs, whatever needs those may be. Meaning, even if and when we do get a man, HE will still supply all of our needs. A man can't do for me what the Lord can--so in that sense, who is substituting for whom?