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Reply to "Would Black women choose, date, or marry a brother who perms or straightens his hair?"

Brother, why do you wear a suit and tie everyday to work? Probably because a suit and tie is attire that is expected to be seen in conservative work environments. Just as sisters cannot even begin to know what it is truly like to exist in a racist and anti-African male society, brothers cannot possibly understand what it is like to be bombarded with images of a standard of beauty that is so drastically different from your own. Though sisters may not be able to articulate their fear of not being accepted, it's the number one reason why most Black women chemically treat their hair. A woman's hair is very important to her, and therefore, it takes an incredible amount of courage for a woman to make a choice to wear her hair in a way that she knows most people would not approve. A LOT of courage. So give us gals a break!

No. I can't let this slide.

1) A dress code to work is altogether different from altering your hair. Following codified rules of dress in the workplace is incongruent to supporting a pathological legacy of altering your hair to fit in. Besides, I take my suit and tie off after work. And also, I have been known to wear African clothing to work (not the pants - just the tops).

2) Brothers live in amerikkkan society with the same issues of beauty as our women - but rebel. Therefore, you don't see Black men spending money to look like Tom Cruise, Brad Pitt, or Justin Timberlake (I'll throw in Sean Connery so the old hag - Ebony Rose - can relate to someone in her age bracket). There was a time in our history when Black men engaged in the practice of frying their hair. Why did we leave the practice of hair straightening but our sisters did not? I'll tell you... Too much Desperate Housewives, Sex and the City, and way too many eurocentric fashion magazines. STOP TAKING CUES FROM WHITE CHICKS!

3) No breaks for the gals! Own up to the psychopathology and poor mental state that forces you to fuck up your head. Correct the mistake AND STOP BLAMING BLACK MEN FOR THE REASON AS TO WHY YOU ENGAGE IN SUCH FOOLISHNESS. We are gonna take you in your natural state. And the ones who overlook you, were already gone.

And while your at it...PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE

TAKE OF THE DAMN BARBIE DOLL MAKE-UP. Rosey Cheeks, Blush, Foundation, Mascara, Eye Shadow, Powder... YOU HAVE GOT TO BE JOKING! You go to bed at night looking like comedy and wake up in the morning with the face of tragedy. It is a sickness. Do you know how impossible it is to get the white girls make up off the pillow case? All you beautiful queens need is some shea butter, lip balm, a proper diet and your skin will be fine. Iffn you stay away from the bacon, pork grinds, christmas ham, fatback and jowl, you wouldn't need snowflake's make up to cover up the inevitable skin eruptions.