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Reply to "Would Black women choose, date, or marry a brother who perms or straightens his hair?"

However, I can also be open-minded enough that my opinion of him in no way increases nor decreases my respect for those who share his opnions ... I live by a code of to each their own ... which is (by his own proclamations) a level of acceptance and understanding which he simply has no concept of.

He came to this board with a lack of respect for anyone or anything else other than his own opinion ... and he's consistent, if nothing else, because he still presents as incomprehensibly full of himself.

So Ebony... I guess that moonlight stroll we talked about is out of the question, huh? I was looking forward to making some babies with you.


You know this is not true. I haven't done anything here to suggest what you are saying, And until now, I haven't attacked anyone just their ideas. Your only interaction with me was in a forum that Nmag started using my thoughts from another board. I never came to this board in the manner you described. Try some honesty.

Truth be told... you are an overly emotional crotchety old bag, who holds a grudge tighter than a jew with diamonds he stole from Africa. Either your shoes are too tight or the Depends needs changing. Agree to disagree and keep it moving. Why the CONSTANT sophmoric crap? If you need something from me, I leave a key for you under the mat. Until then, STFU!