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Reply to "Would Black women choose, date, or marry a brother who perms or straightens his hair?"

Originally posted by EbonyRose:
Personally, I think choosing/dating/marrying a partner based on hair texture is a little shallow. Roll Eyes

It also amazes me that people who have trouble with relaxed or straighten hair are never volunteers to do the daily/weekly/monthly maintenance and styling of another person's natural hair. Eek If I've got a man that is going to wake up every morning and maintain my (hair)do, then I would probably wear it in whatever style he wants it in!!

I agree.

When women used to get on me about my hair, I used to let them have a go.

The ultimate silencer.

I'm natural, but I know it would be easier for me just to perm it, loc it, or chop it. So I can't diss on women who do any of the above.

My hair isn't some political statement and I won't assume theirs is.

But even if it were, my choice is my choice and their choice is theirs.

I'm not going to stick my nose in it.

I wouldn't avoid a man because he perms his hair.

I might even ask him for hair tips. Razz