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Reply to "Would Black women choose, date, or marry a brother who perms or straightens his hair?"

virtue ...

No, you did not offend me Smile. And while I completely understand your argument, all I am saying is that while I don't deny that in many cases self-hatred plays a role in Black people's decisions (hair or something else) ... there are equally a number of cases where it has nothing to do with anything regarding their actions or preferences! You said as much ... and I wholeheartedly agree with you.

Now ... you should probably close your ears/eyes because I really like you and think you're sweet and this isn't going to be nothin' nice! Big Grin

I find Shango67 offensive in every possible comprehension! That's my personal perception and can guarantee it is not European-based perspective. I would no doubt believe he has a same low opinion of me! It be that way sometimes.

However, I can also be open-minded enough that my opinion of him in no way increases nor decreases my respect for those who share his opnions ... I live by a code of to each their own ... which is (by his own proclamations) a level of acceptance and understanding which he simply has no concept of.

He came to this board with a lack of respect for anyone or anything else other than his own opinion ... and he's consistent, if nothing else, because he still presents as incomprehensibly full of himself.

The question, "And can we EVER have a honest discussion with Black women about this issue?" was an exercise in bs because he has proceeded only in the condemnation of those who have "honestly" tried to discussed this issue in a manner that was contrary to his own. His initial title question was, in fact, an opening commentary on his own self-serving opinion on a massive group of Black woman and was not meant to actually initiate commentary or discussion.

Which is business as usually for "Brotha" Shango67. Roll Eyes