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Reply to "Would Black women choose, date, or marry a brother who perms or straightens his hair?"

Originally posted by EbonyRose:
Personally, I think choosing/dating/marrying a partner based on hair texture is a little shallow. Roll Eyes

It also amazes me that people who have trouble with relaxed or straighten hair are never volunteers to do the daily/weekly/monthly maintenance and styling of another person's natural hair. Eek If I've got a man that is going to wake up every morning and maintain my (hair)do, then I would probably wear it in whatever style he wants it in!!

Shango67 ... when's the last time you did daily maintenance on a sista's hair? Confused

Then color me shallow. It is not the basis but it sure is a starting point.

My son and I both have locks and I do his hair every month. And the sista I cared about allowed me to wash and twist her hair. Our relationship is over, but I did it whenever I was asked.

Maintaining natural hair can't be any more difficult than keeping those fucked up perms proper. They look even worse after Africa starts coming home... creeping up the back of the neck... marching through the scalp looking for the day when the new growth is attacked with more chemicals, more heat and more fire.