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Reply to "World Press Photo of the Year Award"

Originally posted by art_gurl:
HonestB - did you look at the World Press pics I posted?
I'm, suprised you haven't commented at all on them. I think they are each in their own way quite profound and powerful. I'd be interested in your response to them.

OH YES! I most certainly did look at them. I was JEALOUS I wasn't behind the camera Big Grin

I was really impressed by the little boy dressing his handless father. THAT is unforgetable. And you see the intensity of the gaze between them. What are they thinking? Does the man feel humiliated or resentful being that helpless? Is the boy intimidated?

These photos demonstrate the old adage that in order to get the picture you have to be there. You have to be there. At the exact moment. Pictures like these make me want to hit the road, man! Travel, travel, travel! LOL

So yes I saw them. I was just trying not to think about them Big Grin