Reply to "Woman sues church over gay marriage"

I don't know what in the hell you are talkin' about.  I don't even want to KNOW what brought you to concoct that piece of fiction!!     Whether you smoked it or shot it up, though ... you have obviously never asked me what my opinion of same-sex couples is .... and I would thank you not to try to interpret what that's supposed to be!!  'Cause you done screwed that chit allll up!!

 Ha! Ha! Ha! I don’t think so. I just responded to what you said. You were very clear about your opinion and now you are denying it? WTF?! You said, “I have no 'personal disdain' for gay people!  I like most of the ones I know!    As people.  As who they are (friends, family, acquaintances) to me.  They're just like anybody else that I know.  And they're good people just like everybody else.   And as for their sex life ... the same applies.” Ok. But then you said,” But they want special consideration for the fact that they want to have sex with someone of the samegender (unlike the majority of citizens in the United States .. or anywhere else in the world, for that matter)”.

 You also said, “……the coming together of one (1) man and one (1) woman in religious, moral and social commitment with the ultimate purpose of 'bearing fruit' and multiplying, ...  thus………orderly way of contributing to the continuation of human kind.  IMO, that's what's supposed to happen.  That's the way it's beenhappening for a few eons, now. And, in my personal opinion, that's the way it should continue to happen!!”. Well, sounds like you’re not exactly comfortable with their lifestyle and you believe marriage should be for men and women only. Now, I have no problems with your thinking but you did clearly express a disapproval of gay marriage based solely on a personal moral and religious precedent. Your words –not mine! You say you don’t have a problem with them and you could care less what they do,  yet you would deny them the right to be married (for moral and religious reasons) because “they want to have sex with someone of the samegender (unlike the majority of citizens in the United States .. or anywhere else in the world, for that matter”! Duuuhhhhh??!! If you were indifferent, could careless and they were like everyone else (your words), then why can they not be married like everyone (heterosexual) else? Oh! My bad! That’s right. They can’t reproduce, want to have sex with someone of the same gender unlike the rest of the citizens in the US and the world and want special considerations. Yet you say, “Sex is between you're and who you're doing it to.  If you're happy, I'm happy.  And that's just the way that is.” Ok, ok, I got it. Makes sense. No contradictions here…..

I am entitled to my own opinion. And just because you disagree with it, doesn't mean it's wrong.  It simply means we don't agree

Agreed. You are entitled to your opinion. I have no problems with that and I have stated this more than once. But the core of this discussion is not about your right to an opinion but a cogent and compelling reason as to why gay people should not have the right to be legally married. You wrote a long ramble and rant about how you could careless, don’t matter to you yet you made personal comments that somewhat contradicted your alleged ambivalence and how I allegedly twisted your words (which I did not do). I have asked you numerous times to give a definitive reason other than moral or personal objection as to why they should be denied the right to marriage. You have failed to do so. 

We simply don't see things the same way.  And personally, I don't think there's anything particularly wrong with that. 

Once again, I agree with you. I have no axe to grind with you about your disapproval of gay marriage nor am I going to castigate you for your disagreement. I’m a fair guy. I was only asking for a compelling reason to deny them the right to be married other than personal dislike (for gay marriage). As you know, a legal precedence is not based on a personal dislike or emotions but definitive legal reasoning. And for the record, a federal judge just ruled that Proposition 8 (ban on gay marriage in California) is unconstitutional because it prevents gays from marrying a person of their personal choice. It’s as simple as that. You cannot legally prevent someone from marrying a person of their choice simply because you don’t like it. Yes, there is going to be anger and bitterness among those who think gays don’t have the right since it offends their religious and moral beliefs (sound familiar?). But just like people believed marriage between a white and black person should not be permitted for the same reasoning (moral and religious), such a defense holds no weight in a court of law (something I have repeatedly said). Fortunately, the courts do not recognize specious rationalizing and reasoning. 

Finally, I guess this subject has run its course and there is no reason to continue the discussion. We have differing opinions and I can live with that. And once again, I have no problems with your disapproval of gay marriage. I was looking for you to give a compelling legal reason for a ban. Didn’t happen and that’s fine. I’m sure there are other issues we can both agree on…..