Reply to "Woman sues church over gay marriage"


I believe that the arguement that you are referring to is historically called the Equal Application Claim.

I have no idea what you're talking about, ricardomath.    I wasn't referencing anything 'legal' ... didn't know there was such an 'argument' on the books.  What I said above is just what is common sense to me!  If it's been litigated .. it'd be interesting to know who won! 

But ... because I don't know what you're talking about, I have no idea what the relevance of those quotes are supposed to be.  But what I notice is that they are dealing with the issue of race.  Which is precisely my point in what I wrote above.

Being gay is not the same as being Black.  Being gay is not an issue that is comparable to or can be equated with - especially at the social/civil level - with the issue of race.  The Loving case served its purpose for the particular racial discrimination cause that it sought to correct.  But, trying to use it as justification for a non-race-related issue doesn't really work ... because you are trying to compare apples to a T-bone steak!! 

The truth is ... gay people already enjoy many of the "civil" rights to do the things they are demanding special consideration for.  They say they cannot get married ... but that's simply not true.  It's not a matter or whether or not they can go into a justice of the peace's office and get married .. just like anybody else.  It's that they want special consideration of being able to marry someone of the same sex.  And those are two different things.

Now ... when Black people couldn't enroll in public school ... or go into certain public stores or restaurants or establishments, or were denied jobs - because they were BLACK .. that was a violation of the civil right of citizenship .. the denial of being  considered an equal member of society.

It's apples and a T-bone steak.  And gay rights activists really need to find another argument - one specific and unique to their cause - to justify their claims.  Because the "it's the same thing as what happened to Black people" argument just doesn't fly.