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Reply to "Will Politics Play A Greater or Lesser Role In Our Future?"

That's a great idea, but it explicitly presumes that we are playing within the two party system. We would be swinging elections to either of the other parties. A truly independent third party would be running third party candidates and not just aggregating votes to pick either Democrat or Republican.

There is no reason not to do both. In local elections where there is a reasonable chance of success we could run candidates. In situations where there is practically no chance we could play the swing vote game.

Power games are about strategies and tactics. There is no reason to limit your tactics.

"Know your enemy, know yourself and in 100 battles you will not be defeated." - Sun Tzu

The obvious corollary to this is: The less your enemy knows about you the better.

Is that why Europeans called the Chinese inscrutable? lol


ps - I thought the people that voted for Nader were ridiculous. What would have happened if they had voted for Gore? Nader never had a chance.