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Reply to "Will Politics Play A Greater or Lesser Role In Our Future?"

Originally posted by MBM:
So - in your opinion - what was the problem with the whole third party movement that ran Perot for president in the past? Certainly disaffected white voters frustrated at the partisianship and 'politics as usual' from Washington represent a base of well over 13% in this country. Why couldn't they make a stronger run? Also, if that significantly larger base couldn't do anything against the Dem/Rep structure, how could a solely black party do any better? This, particularly when that party wouldn't even be able to garner all of the African American voters.

Curious about your thoughts . . . bsm

Geez, MBM ... you're talking a really long time ago ... and I have slept many times since then! Big Grin

However, if memory serves me right, that was the election of Clinton's first victory, so that means it was the one Bush I's defeat.

Ross Perot's campaign was directed towards and appealed to young, white, moderate voters and not to any of the stalwart voters of either of the two main parties. The Republicans didn't/wouldn't realize that we were in trouble and had no desire not to put Bush I in for a second term. Black folks, traditionally afraid of change, were not about to support anybody but the Democratic nominee.

So the problem was that Perot was an old man with good ideas who could only manage to take a chunk of the white vote, none of the Black vote and could and did only succeed at disrupting the election just enough to put Bill in office.

Secondly, I have no position on a "solely" Black party. Such an idea would be totally ineffective to me. However, I do believe that as Black people have a significantly better idea, goal, intention and are much more amiable toward people all together than the current government structure, I believe that a party predominantly made up of, structured and run by us would be inclusive enough and able to intelligently portray the problem that plague our country in a way that would appeal to other ethnicities as well.

In other words, we could definitely build a better mousetrap!! And such a party would be supported by us ... because it was us, by others disenchanted with the corruption of the Republicans and the ineffectiveness of the Democrats.

I am not an isolationist, although I do strongly advocate us doing for ourselves outside of the current political structure in this country. But that is strictly for the betterment of ourselves ... not for the demise of others. I can't get hung up on the "13% of the population" thing, because, quite frankly, with the races now being so mixed and with the influx of newly-pronounced citizens every year ... it's much harder to tell who is who! Eek

But I do know in our long fight for justice and equality and fairness, we know a thing or two about how the pie should be sliced and divided. And I think there's a whole lot of other people who concur with our ideas on that issue.