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Reply to "Will Obama 'Walk The Talk' About "Main Street"?"

I like the idea.

During my career in (State) government, it became apparent money was often being given by the government to projects that conflicted with the best interest of the Commonwealth, and often contrary to law and regulation of some other agency.

A thing called an 'A-95 Review' was instituted.

This process required a permits, and all grants to be circulated through every cabinet agency, and all other agencies serving 'at the discretion of the Governor'.

The final requirements of the project had to meet the needs stated in the conclusions of that review.


I say that to say that a cabinet post may not be need, and in fact may be too cumbersome.

I think an agency in the model of the EPA, but with even more incisiveness (teeth if you will), with an 'eye' to minimizing internal review of projects without losing effectiveness.

The EPA was created, because the agency originally charged with the task (the U.S. Public Health Service) was too cumbersome, and mal-focused to be effective.

The standard for action in the 'Health Service' 'the occurrence of sickness, and/or death'.

In the environmental arena, the game was over when those standards occurred.

Prevention was the standard needed to be effective.

I believe 'Prevention and Restoration' is the standard for 'Main Street'.


Jim Chester