A vital step in African American progress

A Vital Step for the sake of AA (African American) Progress.

I first wish to mention that for anyone who has difficulty reading such a large amount as this. I suggest reading only a comfortable portion at a time, each with a comfortable interval of rest & reflection on the portion just read.

What I've written about here is what I believe to be a main cause of AAs’ problems. It particularly pertains to AA progress and the grade school black studies curriculum.

Apparently, whenever black studies is taught in our grade schools, certain aspects about slavery are omitted. Omitting these aspects is certainly detrimental to AA progress, and I believe that it's intentional as a clandestine attempt to retard AA progress.

What's omitted is certain practices and processes that had occurred in the slavery system, that have a great lingering effect on AA’s today, as well as how this is so.

Such practices and processes, and the detrimental affects, are as follows.

Of the slaves that had come to America bound in slave ships, actions were taken to prevent their passing on their culture, names, and languages to any offspring they produced in America. Such actions taken are, a general practice of early separation of any such offspring from such a slave parent, before the offspring can learn anything from the parent, and by a prohibition to speak any African languages. Thus, these new generations of slaves, without any knowledge of the culture, names, and languages from their parents, naturally adopted the culture, names, and languages the slave masters had them adopt. This is of course a form of programming done by the slave masters.

One general indication of this programming is that most African Americans today, without question as to why they do it, believe mostly in Christianity and celebrate holidays, such as Christmas, Thanksgiving, etc (However, I do not imply that such religions and such are wrong).

Such separation of offspring from parents, and such breaking up of families, had other detrimental effects as well. It has basically disorientated AA's as a whole, and has made AA's, as a whole, more vulnerable to additional programming by the slave masters and their descendants, and is also a major cause of much of AA disunity and lack of functionality.

For a good example of all this, such policies and practices prevented such a slave man from functioning as a father & from raising a family, therefore, preventing him from learning such tasks. Because of the number of years of slavery, the practices mentioned had occurred within more than one generation during slavery, which, of course compounds the problem. All of the detrimental effects would of course then be passed on to AA generations after slavery as well.

For anyone who thinks that it’s useless and unimportant to think about the past. The follow is why such thinking is wrong. For this, I will now tell of something discussed the first day in a high school social studies class. The teacher put this question to us: "Why is it important to learn about certain events that happened in the past or even ancient past?". After some of us tried to give answers, the teacher gave us the answer, which is, "It's important to learn because such events affect our lives today, therefore, knowledge and understanding of such events leads to a better understanding of ones self and surroundings today"

I find the original message of this thread a good example of this concept. In order to understand a people, ethnic group, race, or whatever, it's necessary to know and understand the aspects of their history that has shapes them into what they are now. This of course applies to AA's as well. Therefore in order for AA's to understand themselves, It's necessary for AA's to know and understand aspects of their history that has shaped them into what they are now. I fear that if AA's (or an adequate percentage of them) don't gain such knowledge and understanding of themselves, one result would be that AA progress will come to a halt.

To reform the school system to include the omitted aspects into the grade school curriculum is a vital step in the general elimination of all the detrimental effects mentioned. It's because it would give the majority of the AA students a better understanding of themselves and would help free their minds of the programming.

This would of-course benefit present and future AA generations (as well as that of other people for that matter). For example, among such enlightened AAs (and other enlightened people for that matter) would be those who derive and implement the next vital steps for AA progress. Perhaps one of such possible steps and directions is, for example, erecting mandatory grade school courses designed to repair the damage. Such courses might consist of, for examples, family training, subjects in how to promote and obtain unity in a community, leadership, etc. Now that I think of it, I see a possible similarity of every course and subject I’ve just mentioned, with courses pertaining to management training. Well anyway, as I implied, such enlightened students might derive different and even better solutions than the ideas I’ve just mentioned.

I've read of such ideas as, forming our own schools and communities whereas such teaching could be better implemented, along with such ideas as, AA's trying to find such knowledge from books and such from such places and libraries and book stores, then teaching their young and so forth such that they learn. Although I thinks that these are all good ideas, I've chosen the grade school reform idea because the grade school is already available, and by law, every African American child must attend it and the classes set forth. Therefore, there is already a captive audience so to speak.

Although I believe that no matter what plan is attempted, to overcome the opposition to implement such a cause would be difficult indeed. Never the less, I believe that the grade school reform idea would be the most feasible.

One idea that might be used against this cause is to imply that AA’s should not require such special attention among the other ethnic groups. My answer to this is that because of the great need, and that the practices and policies were applied to, and does so affect AA’s, such attention is valid. Besides, as I had already implied, this cause on behalf of AAs, would benefit other people as well.

The television series, Roots portrayed the general message of this pamphlet. which might be the reason it was so popular when it was shown in 1976. To show the relevance, I could draw attention to many parts of it. However I believe the best part to draw attention to is the part in Roots where Kunta Kinte, as an older adult, hears someone playing a drum in a way that he is familiar with from Africa. Kunta seeks out and meets the man doing the drumming, and finds that this drummer is a slave man who also once lived in Africa. One subject the two of them discussed was that the other slaves they encountered seem to have no knowledge of Africa and such, and they also discussed the importance of trying to pass on knowledge about Africa to any offspring they may produce.

The ideas and thoughts I express here are the result of what I've heard and/or read. Therefore, I do not imply that I'm the first to think of any of this. Besides, I try to maintain anonymity in this matter, because I feel that no-one should attempt to obtain credit for such a cause and effort, which I'd bet that you would understand. I’ve recently heard about The William Lynch Letter, & am learning more about it.

Also it is my hope that among those who read this pamphlet are people able and willing to help in solving the problem. This includes passing on to others, the information in this pamphlet, or copies of this pamphlet.


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