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Reply to "Why The West Want The Fall of Muammar Gaddafi"

"The White House's policy advisor and Israeli lobby official Dennis Ross . . ."


"The world media have shown a shocking lack of curiosity."

"the New York Times leads a coordinated campaign of propaganda, rumor-mongering, and the demonization of Muammar Gadhafi . . . "



-- and who runs and own the majority of the media in the West, especially in the United States?


"The same people the U.S. is fighting three wars to destroy are the “rebels” the U.S. is protecting, supplying, training, and attempting to install into power in Libya."


---- All of these "terrorists" always seemed suspect to me from the start, at least after learning how many billions of dollars are supposedly being spent on "The War On Terror" (most of which cannot be accounted for), and the fact that it has taken so long to get one man, and Al Qaeda conveniently seem impossible to do anything about.


"the Pentagon's recently uncovered project to develop software that allows it to secretly manipulate social media sites to influence Internet conversations and spread propaganda."



Yeah, right, it's merely a project to develop such software; of course it has not already been developed and used already, probably on American citizens.





And, Africom?  Damn, between so-called US military commands, like Africom claiming to be in Africa to help Africa, the armies of Missionaries constantly invading Africa (to keep the people confused and their loyalties split), and The World Health Organization, Africans should save themselves the trouble and just start to line up for the slave ships.



Anyway, this is why I wish President Obama had stayed the hell away from this.  He is being set up to take the fall for any fallout about this immoral military campaign.  

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