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Reply to "Why slain man's parents aren't talking about race"

I can't read all this story, but they can deny anything they want, it's their son, their loss, they'll have to deal with him being gone forever for as long as they live, so be it.


There's something drastically wrong with these fucking white men going all kinds of ballistic up side our kids' heads.  What is wrong with these people and why do they continue to get away with this shit by going on administrative leave with pay and all that shit?? Is there some kind of conspiracy with these fucks to eliminate as many black people as possible, to keep them away from their funky women, to not have to pay them any salaries for ANY jobs ever, just eliminate them period, because to them WE

all look like King Kong?  What the fuck is it with these English Immigrants???????????????? That's ALL you are. European castoffs/castaways. Are you trying to make the undertakers of the country as wealthy as Trump or Romney????  


We as Africans in this fuckin' place, need some ANSWERS.  Put up some money, call up the ships and send us the fuck out of this joint to wherever we want to go so we NEVER have to SEE EACH OTHER EVER AGAIN AS FUCKING BLACKS AND WHITES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


You can hate every African you ever lay eyes upon in this joint, but one thing's for sure:  When your great (add 12) grandpappies were slithering onto those slave shacks to get some black pussy or sneaking behind those funky, ugly white dog-like wives in the Big house, whatever babies they sold that they made are the relatives of the Africans wandering here now. And they are RELATED TO YOUR FUNKY WHITE BEHINDS. Pat Buchannan probably has a cousin or two; Donald Trump too.  If they stand in a mirror long enough the Nigger in them will wave at them from their shoulder.


Most of you are related to the NIGGERS you hate so much. Someone needs to tell the White Race to Fuck the Fuck off, shut the fuck up and lay the guns to face another direction besides our heads; shoot your own ASSES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


White people brought us to this hell hole initially, we didn't as for a fuckin' invitation, as I recall. You couldn't pick cotton, because you might have broken some fuckin' finger bones or something. Bones Made of Glass Affliction; your whitey disease.


THIS RACISM SHIT'S UNBEARABLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NO BODY'S BETTER THAN ANY ONE ELSE.  We all could have ended up in Planned Parenthood with them crushing our fetus bodies into bowls of Chili or whatever the fuck white people do when Satan kicks their ass, which is damn near all the time.



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