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Reply to "Why should Black Folk Vote?"

Faheem, the reality is that the numeric minority will always live under the dictatorship of the numeric majority, especially when the interest of the or a numeric minority is significantly different in degree or kind from the numeric majority, in a democracy. Thus, in truth our vote is essentially useless unless our issues assimilate and map in degree and kind, to that of the numeric majority. Then we can blend into the two party systems in a way in which our vote counts. The problem is, however, is that our problems and issues are egregiously different in degree and/or kind, from the majority.

The numeric majority interest, for both parties, is dominated by white America. Our vote in the Democratic Party only helps forward white liberal interest, which may or may not address our issues and needs. Mostly the latter.

Truth is always fraught with impediments. Truth agreed with is a blessed duet. Truth confronting beloved vice will sever relationships, perpetrate flight, and uncover murderous rage. - Alexander Solzhenitsyn

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Noah The African in America