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Reply to "Why Not a Black Party?"

I think that a Peoples party would be more in order considering that it was they people of America that elected President Obama, it was people of all races, all incomes, all walks of life here in American that elected our president, so it should be those same people to come out in support of President Obama and in opposition to racist America trying to camouflauge itself under to guise of 'tea party.---sunnubian

I hear you, but....

I think the focus of the organization should be clearly on the issues effecting African America.

A political party would have difficulty doing that...which objection from all quarters..., including from African Americans.

There is a very large segment among us the truly believes we cannot do anything for ourselves without including Mr. Charlie, and Mrs Ann.

Therefore, I offered a PAC as the structure.

It's your money.

You do what you want.


Jim Chester