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Reply to "Why Is So Much of Africa Poor and Underdeveloped?"

You are talking to me on a multi-BILLION DOLLAR infrastructure of fiber optics, routers, switches and computers all ordered by a thing called the "OSI Model". Yet you have the nerve to discount TECHNOLOGY?

It doesn't matter that YOU don't own a car. That tomato that you ate during your Christmas meal WAS NOT GROWN in any cold weather state that you might live it. It was TRUCKED IN via a vehicle that makes use of our NATIONAL INTERSTATE SYSTEM.

You can't get away from it bro. You are a CCCC.

CF, you are a moron that can't read.

I did not say I didn't own a car. I said I never owned a new car. I did not say I was opposed to technology. I said I was opposed to the stupid uses of technology.

You need to get your ego out of being wrapped up in winning a debate and concentrate on the logic of reality.

And please excues me if I am not impressed because you can talk about the OSI model I have listened to kneegrows throw jargon around that they didn't understand for decades. I built my first computer in 1978. It was a Heathkit H-8, 2 MHz 8080. I had to solder the chip sockets in and program it in octal machine code. You didn't invent the OSI model so don't expect me to be impressed because you talk about it.

I noticed you didn't say anything when I put up that diagram of the von Neumann machine. You talk but you don't supply anything that other people can learn from.