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Reply to "Why Is So Much of Africa Poor and Underdeveloped?"

Originally posted by UppityNegress:
By positively exploited, I mean used in a way that directly benefits Black Africans themselves . In the past, when these resources were exploited, it was to the empowerment of the European and the detriment of the African. No, I don't think progress neccessarily entails becoming another Europe--in fact, I am wholely against the Westernization of any non-Western nation (and conversely against Europe losing it's own culture). IMO, modernization does not equal Westernization.....
Why aren't the African governments doing more to help themselves education wise?

You certaintly asked an interesting question. I will give a few of my understanding on the matter. The reasons why so many African nations are so poor are quite varied but as Blacksanction suggested, the main reasons include tribalism, greed/corruption, foreign influences and religion.
Just using Nigeria as an example, you have a nation of 150 million people with over 250 different languages and cultures as radically different from each other as that of the Chinese and Japanese but because of some foriegn self-interests happened to be lumped together into one nation twice the size of Calfornia and then throw in warlike religious differences mainly Christianity and Islam..and then add on several decades of really greedy leaders who each embezzled billions (not millions) of US dollars into private Swiss accounts etc....and oh yes, a cultured or programmed dependence on foriegn goods...then of course chances you would have an impoverished nation or nations.
The role of tribalism is significant. One can image the inter-ethnic strive one have if Germany, France and Italy or China and Japan were lumped together in one nation and each striving to gain a portion of the limited resources, especially if there were some prior history of strife or no relation at all between the constituent tribes or peoples prior to the forced coming together by an outside power who knows this and actually is using this to their advantage...sounds like Nigeria to some degree.