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Reply to "Why I love Africa..."

Originally posted by MBM:
Originally posted by James Wesley Chester:

Get it???

Honestly, no.

Our people come from only one place on Earth. It is Africa.---MBM

I know. And...I agree.

National distinctions, IMHO, are political creations illegitimately placed on a land for the purposes of subjugation and repression.---MBM

Right AND wrong. Since you are being such a stickler in this definition.

The national distinctions on the African continent are largely imposed by a conquering European nation. Clearly, not all. But...

Those name-impositions are/were not illegal.

What is legal is determine by who has the power. Unwanted, yes.

Why should I honor that above the natural geographic realities which persist to this day?

Clearly, you don't have to. And if so, you shouldn't.

I was addressing a political truth. Ooops! There's that truth thing again.

I was not addressing right or wrong, rather what is real.

I believe the constant urging of 'hug' the insult IS an insult.


Jim Chester