Reply to "Why Does the US Chamber of Commerce Want to Train or Replace Your Elected School Board, If They Haven't Already?"

Why don't we use inexpensive Android tablets and create a reading list of books that can be obtained for little or nothing and short circuit the paleface controlled educational system?


Use intellectual kung-fu and totally deflect the blow with little effort.


Even the most inexpensive tablets can be used for reading.


The Tyranny of Words (1938) by Stuart Chase

A Short History of the World (1922) by H. G. Wells (not sci-fi but an SF writer's perspective)

Thinking as a Science (1916) by Henry Hazlitt

Omnilingual (Feb 1957) by H. Beam Piper


Is fighting with the palefaces over institutions they control worth the effort.  Especially considering that so many White people are complaining about the schools too.  It ain't just about poor people.  What expensive high schools for White kids make double-entry accounting mandatory?


The Accounting Game: Basic Accounting Fresh From the Lemonade Stand

Radically Simple Accounting by Madeline Bailey


An excellent book is better than a crappy book and a mediocre teacher.





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