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Reply to "Why Does the Super Bowl Dorito's Ad, with the Little Boy Smacking the Man, Bother Me?"

So lemme ask you this, Ms. Savvy ... What would happen if your little man slapped a fully grown adult Black man (boyfriend or otherwise)? Would there be consequences? (Good, bad or indifferent?) Or would you do nothing about it because it was "cute"? (Just wondering how you would handle such a real-life situation? Not having children, I'm not really sure how that's supposed to go. )

Actually, ER, that's a pretty fair question.... First I have to say that my son is VERY protective of me when it comes to dudes trying to engage me. He is so because he gets tired of them trying to use him to move in on it gets on my nerves, too.

Next, he knows better than to raise his hands or his voice to grown people...but he's learned not to engage in the "okie-doke" either. I have to reel him in when he sees one getting stupid with me though, as that just pisses him off. But he's learning to step back and watch me handle the situation.

For instance, very recently, I had a very "ill" mannered "man" try to step to me when I told him I wasn't taking his mess, after I had to remind him that I had not been speaking to him when addressing another consumer. "You're not going to tell me anything; I'm a man!" he said to which I answered, "Well then you need to act like it then, because I'm not here to have you yelling at me!" Then I asked him to stop acting a fool or he'd need to "get out" of the which he stated, "I'll take as long as I want to...and you're not going to come over here and MAKE me do anything!"

....and of course I had to go over to where he was to show him that I meant business and that I was not afraid of him. "You betta not come over here.....You better not...Oh no she did not! I'm a betta watch yourself!" ....and I laughed while I walked over to him. "So let me get this straight: you're a man, but you're a gangsta???"

"I'll box you like a dude...don't think I won't...don't think I'll have mercy on you because you are a woman....".....and I laughed my a$$ off while telling him, "You can try it if you want to, but you're gonna get a surprise, too!"

"Oooooohhhh; you just want to control everythang!....blah, blah, blah, blah, blah....[every stereotype in the book about Black Women]...blah, blah, blah!" to which I replied, "Bye sir!" over and over again until he left the building.

When he left the building, my son said, "I like the way you told him 'bye' over and over again...he saw that you weren't scared and nothing he could say would deter you!" ....and he smiled the biggest cheese. LOL...

I didn't expect that because normally when I have to deal with a testy one, he complains about how he hates the trouble makers and gives me a commentary on what they should have done differently.

So I asked him what else he learned from the situation and he said, "Man and gangsta don't fit into the same sentence; Men KNOW not to hit people, but especially Women! He was just mad that he wasn't ruffling you."

....and I "Yes!"

Finally, I don't let any dude that I decide to date meet my son until I'm sure he is going to be someone that I want around my son and I. To this day, my son has never seen a Man in my house unless he was a service professional of some kind, having to repair something in the house or move boxes and furniture. Right now, my dating is "long distance"....LOL. :-)

"Wisdom Is A Woman Answering!"