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Reply to "Why do women love "knuckleheads"?"

Originally posted by ddouble:
Real Talk

Although humans like to consider themselves 100% rational beings, we are also hard-wired with some innate mechanisms. Many male animals attract mates through raw aggression (alpha male dominance) or elaborate displays that could be consider flashy. Many female animals present themselves when they are in heat. How many men here will admit they know the smell of their woman? How many women here will admit they know the scent of their man? Women also tend to choose the alpha male or the male with the best presentation. Men & women fight their base instincts when it comes to mate selection. We assign all these lofty, rational, romantic notions to mate selection because we consider ourselves evolved. Because we are rational (sometimes), we can fake the signs of dominance to attract a mate (i.e. knuckleheads). Most of us eventually settle, because our rational minds overrule our basic biological instincts.

Can anyone here point me to proof that humans have always paired off in the one man, one woman monogamous paradigm that is status quo?