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Reply to "Why do women love "knuckleheads"?"

Originally posted by qty226:
Originally posted by Huey:

An excuse for the women who date those knuckleheads (or at least being in denial of dating them or being attracted to them), or the men who actually date those women?

If you feel that all women date thugs, then this is one of the reasons why you cant seem to move on from this statement.

Get it right. I didn't say all women.
Its ridulous to even think this.

Now question.....

I want you to explain.......

What do you think, the definition is of a thug???

17 We've been talking on this thread for months and you still don't know what a thug is? Don't even act clueless, after all those examples that I gave. No more acting naive on this subject.

I'm putting the definitions now. After this, I'm done.
Hmm, the definition of a thug, roughneck, and/or knucklehead...Once and for all.

Websters II New College Dictionary (Source)
thug (n.) 1. One of a band of professional assassins once active in northern India. 2. A brutal ruffian or gangster.

Synonyms: goon, hood, hoodlum, ruffian
n. Core meaning: a person who treats others violently and roughly, esp. for hire <thugs who intimidated the witness>

here's another definition...
roughneck--n. An uncouth person. A rowdy.

knucklehead--n. A dumb person.*

*Here's a hint: Whitney and Britney both divorced their knucklehead husbands.

hat You can't get a more simpler example than that.

I know some will have disagreement, considering that some of the definition(s) may be either more different, extreme or more specific than the connotative versions of what the topic has been discussed, but this was the only dictionary/reference source that I could immediately find. So it will have to do. Anyone else who have problems with the definitions, you're on your own.